Lion Club

SportsIcon Lion Club
SportsIcon Lion Club

Project sells out

  • Announce speaker series, one sports speaker a month minimum starting with Portuguese legend Luis Figo
  • Hire two marketing gurus specifically to work on the Lion Club
  • Add project to Rarity Tools
  • Start working on putting Lion Club DAO together
  • Start reaching out to live ticket providers
  • Survey Lion holders community to learn where they are and what they want

100 ETH volume

5 lucky Lion Club holders will be airdropped 0.5 ETH to their wallet

110 ETH volume

10 Lion Club owners will receive a gold framed card of their Lion!

130 ETH volume

We sponsor a local sports teams shirt. Verified lion holders vote on which to choose.

150 ETH volume

20 Lion Club holders receive Lion Club branded merch

200 ETH volume

Special event series starts. Smaller and more intimate.

250 ETH volume

We create a backstory for each lion using the magic of AI!

350 ETH volume

30 Lion Club holders receive branded merch

500 ETH volume

Have an IRL meetup in Europe and the US, let’s have a big party!

700 ETH volume

Metaverse online conference ‘A metaverse created by the community’ event and questionnaire. We discuss in detail what we as a community want to build in the metaverse. Then we start implementing it!

1k ETH volume

Lion Club Scholarship; we choose 5 promising athletes and give them $5k each to help them with their chosen sport

December 2021

Lion Club DAO launches

January 2022

  • We announce tickets to the first in person sporting events
  • Special editions are guaranteed entry to lottery
  • Targeting events such as Superbowl, Champions League, FA Cup, NBA playoffs. Lion Club giveaways tickets for free or subsidised tickets dependant on event and allocation.

2.5k ETH volume

We airdrop every Lion holder a Lioness

Other cool stuff

  • $ICONS token - some $ICONS will be airdropped to Limited Edition Lion Club members and Founding NFT holders
  • Holders of $ICONS token will be able to earn a Lion Club membership for holding $ICONS for a period of time
  • Community led Fantasy football league
  • Other community idea’s here!